What is I-OTA?

I-OTA was established as a project-based consortium in Ota Ward, Tokyo. We keep on improving our manufacturering skills to help world-chainging innovators.

I-OTA is our company name that embodies our thoughts and feelings.

We fully utilize diverse information, digital communication tools, and ICTs.




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with love, "AI" means love in Japanese

We wish for a brighter future for all those with I-OTA through our manufacturing business.

Ota Ward is a significant area in Japan for concentrations of manufacturing companies, which is the gateway to the world from Haneda airport.

Major industries of factories in Ota Ward

※(Quoted from the "Report on the Survey of Manufacturing Industries in Ota Ward")

Ota Ward is a significant area in Japan for concentrations of manufacturing companies, which is the gateway to the world from Haneda airport.

The manufacturing industry has always been a stable focus in Ota Ward, which currently has around 3,500 manufacturing companies, making it one of the largest concentrations of manufacturing industries in Japan.

The company has gained experience and expertise in a wide range of fields, including machine metal processing, precision machining, and basic technology industries.

As a result of this concentration, every company has enhanced its on-site capabilities and ability to submit proposals, and has prioritized interactions with other companies and regions.

Many companies have continued their business since the Showa period and are capable of overcoming various stormy seas.

Haneda Airport, which is located to the east, is a top international airport and serves as a hub for both international and domestic flights.

The airport is well-known for its ease of use for business.

The Haneda Innovation City, situated next to the airport, is where we often hold seminars and conferences.

The manufacturing industry is aiming to interact with the world through the slogan 'See you at Haneda'.

Creating new "Nakamamawashi" by working together and enhancing Digital Transformation

A cooperative system called 'Nakama Mawashi' has been established in Ota Ward, where many manufacturing establishments have been gathering for centuries.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with on-site capabilities such as advanced technology, skills, and experience that has supported every industry complement each other's resources and collaborate with each other.

Generations have naturally passed down the system of creating a single product or unit, recognizing that we are both rivals and friends who work together in the community.

We are optimistic about the invisible treasures that their predecessors have built in this region.

We will keep working to enhance everyone who is with I-OTA by reestablishing the 'Nakamamawashi', which we believe is particularly achievable in today's digital world.

Our Information Security Policy

I-OTA ask you to conclude an NDA confidentiality obligation agreement before the transaction.

All I-OTA members sign up for NDA.

Company Profile

Company Name

I-OTA Limited Liability Company


3-20-8, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0024


June 15, 2018

Representative employee

Yoshihiko Kunihiro

Business content

(1)Manufacturing consulting
And prototypes, products planning, design, manufacturing

(2)Contribution to improving the productivity of the maufacturing industry
Planning, design, production, sales, and maintenance of IT tools


Jonan Shinkin Bank


JR Keihin Tohoku Line, Tokyu Ikegami Line Tamagawa Line
18 minutes walk from Kamata Station

Management philosophy / vision / mission

Our goal is to support global innovation and create a prosperous future through technology, collaboration, and manufacturing.
Our activities are driven by our vision of walking together with the world's innovators.

Management philosophy

Supporting global innovation and creating a prosperous future through technology, collaboration, and manufacturing


Support the world-changing innovators with a sincere heart.

To realize this vision, we have set three missions for the I-OTA Consortium members.


Work together with Ota Ward companies on projects.


Ota Ward companies work together to achieve innovation.


Companies work hard together to realize new manufacturing and grow day by day.

Media posting / winning history

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