Consortium of town factories in Tokyo, Japan

Get Started on Innovation with Top-Quality Prototypes

Consortium of town factories in Tokyo, Japan

Get Started on Innovation with Top-Quality Prototypes

I-OTA Limited Liability Company

I-OTA is a manufactureing consortium from Ota Ward, where many companies offer excellent engineer capabilities. We fully utilize our manufacturer network and provide one-stop solutions for non-manufacturers with high quality. Walk with the innovator of the world.


About I-OTA

I-OTA is here to help your manufacturing projects, with wide manufacturer network from Ota Ward, Tokyo.

There are many manufacturing companies with top-class technology and experience in Japan.
Ota Ward is particularly well-known for its manufacturing city, which includes Haneda, the gateway to the world.
We have cultivated technical skills in Ota Ward for a long time, and we believe that collaborating with digital technology can accelerate our skills even more.
As a result, we offer original products in high quality, satisfying customer needs with a one-stop solution.
We have a faith to be a manufacturing group that is dedicated to create a prosperous future for our customers.The joy of creating together.


Products & Solutions

What we provide for your buisiness

Manufacturering Consultation & Solution

Matching & communication platform for
clients and manufacturers
"Puratto Monozukuri"

High Quality Prototypes

First mower to handle steep slope in industry


Our Business

We believe that communication plays a crucial role in creating better products and equipment.
Although we are based in Japan, we welcome clients from all over the world who needs high quality solution & consultation.

Prototyping and equipment development

Already have drawings

processing / parts solution

Already have drawings

Ideas and conceptual planning

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How to start
a project with us

Contact us by email

Once we receive your inquiry, our secretariat will get in touch with you first. After that, we will get back to you from the person in charge. Let's start your new project!

Hearing Time required:about 60 minutes

We usually have both online and offline meetings to pinpoint specific issues that can help promote your project.
Engineers may join the meeting to discuss the specifications and goals of issues before designing.

Start providing services

We will start providing services.
Our services include design, development, manufacturing, inspections, and verification testing in one place.

Delivery & Support

Delivery will be completed after finishing the project according to the hearing.
In case you need to modify or shift the project's direction, we will still be here to support you.


Participating companies