Walk with the innovator of the world

Feel The Joy of Creating Together

Walk with the innovator of the world

Feel The Joy of Creating Together

I-OTA Limited Liability Company

A joint venture from Ota City, a city of industry Collaboration combining manufacturing experience and DX From product planning to prototype development, design and processing


About I-OTA

Manufacturing network connected from Ota Ward
For solutions to your manufacturing challenges, call I-OTA.

Ota Ward spreads out at the gateway to the world, Haneda.
There are many manufacturing companies with Japan's top-class technology and experience.

We complement the on-site and technical capabilities we have cultivated up to now
with the power of collaboration, and further accelerate them with information technology.
One -stop work on customer issues through manufacturing.

I-OTA is a professional group of manufacturing that creates a rich future of our customers.


Products & Solutions

Products and Solutions provided by I-OTA

Manufacturing Problem Solving Platform

Digital manufacturing consultation Manufacturing Problem Solving Platform

Slant Mower

Industry's first wire towing mower for steep slope


Our Business

From product planning, prototype development, design, and processing.We are good at actually interacting with each other to create good products and equipment.

Prototyping and equipment development

Drawings available

processing / parts solution

Drawings available

Ideas and conceptual planning

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List of achievements

Please see the achievements that have been resolved so far.


Use flow

Contact us by email

Upon receiving your inquiry, a representative from the secretariat will first contact you. After that, a representative from one of I-OTA's business divisions will contact you to say hello. We will then contact you to discuss your issues and business.

Hearing of assignments Time required:about 60 minutes

We use real interviews and web conferencing to identify specific issues that will promote the client's business. In some cases, engineers will be present to discuss the specifications and goals of the issues prior to design.

Business Development

We execute operations to solve problems. We provide consistent services from design development, manufacturing, various inspections, and verification testing.

Problem solving

Delivery will be made after the project is accomplished according to the content of the hearing. After delivery, we will continue to support you in case you need to revise or change the direction of the project.


Participating companies