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Feelings for i-OTA

We, manufacturing companies, receive a wide variety of development projects from many different people. However, there are times when we are unable to respond to them. It is really frustrating when we are unable to respond due to timing or lack of our own resources. At such times, I always wonder why we have not strengthened our own resources and collaboration with our colleagues in advance.
That is why we have gathered the management members of I-OTA and launched it with members who have shared the joy of making the impossible possible through bobsledding in downtown Tokyo, and we are joining forces to fill in and strengthen the missing pieces. We would like to complement our resources through collaboration, provide even higher quality solutions, visualize technologies that have been offered as free services to differentiate us from our competitors, and provide high value-added manufacturing to enrich the management of small and medium-sized enterprises. We launched I-OTA to achieve these goals.

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With the aim of automation and labor saving, we provide integrated production solutions from design and development to processing based on measurement and control technology. We have multiple processing technologies: (1) software/hardware design (2) assembly and wiring (3) board mounting (4) mechatronic assembly (5) instrumentation and piping (6) sheet-metal processing (7) painting, and operate in Tokyo, Ibaraki, and Gifu.

Case study

Although we cannot give specific examples of our customers' product development, we have handled everything from control device systems to a single piece of hardware for a variety of industries, including nuclear power, thermal power, food, building, construction, security, and many others.


To the counselor: To be your solution

Dear Consors: This is a collaboration initiative from Ota-ku, but if we can collaborate, let's connect and collaborate with manufacturing companies across the country to achieve our advanced solution offerings, both domestic and international, and create prosperous small and medium enterprises.

Fullheart Japan Corporation
Aihiko Kunihiro