I-OTA operating company

KYOEI Co., Ltd.

Feelings for i-OTA

I-OTA was founded by three companies, and I am the second term student, so to speak. When Mr. Nishimura, a founding member of I-OTA, invited me to join I-OTA, I turned him down. I wondered what it would be like to be actually involved in I-OTA, which was still in the process of establishing its policies and direction. At first, I didn't see the benefits, and I was also a board member of a local industrial association, so it was hard for me to make time for it. However, as I reluctantly (laugh) attended one meeting or two, I found it hard to say no (sweat).

I-OTA can conduct sales activities for matters that cannot be solved in-house. I felt an increase in the number of inquiries, which are completely different from the inquiries we used to receive at our own company, and I felt a sense of expansion.

I'm surprised there are places that are having trouble, places that are looking for a solution."

I have had many such realizations during my participation in I-OTA. In my daily work, I always work with about 50 companies. On a six-month or one-year basis, we do business with about 120 companies. In this way, we work with a variety of companies in Rokugo, Ota-ku, Tokyo. I would like to expand these ties through I-OTA's activities and establish a response capability and structure that will enable us to make the best proposals for our customers' problems. I would like to challenge to enter new fields and new industries through I-OTA.

KYOEI Co., Ltd.


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April 1982


Metal and resin cutting, rubber, sponge, film, double-sided tape, printing (nameplates and panels), assembly and jig production, sales promotion goods, commemorative goods, personalized products

Case study

Special processing technologies such as metal, resin, rubber, sponge, film, printing, etc.


Our company was founded in 1969 by my father as a printing-related trading company in Haginaka, Ota-ku, Tokyo. We have been involved in the manufacture and assembly of parts for a wide variety of industries, including optical equipment, industrial equipment, and medical equipment. In response to diverse customer requests, we have refined and accumulated know-how in special processing technologies such as metal, resin, rubber, sponge, film, and printing.
In addition, we have the advantage of being able to immediately consult with our neighbors in the area about what we cannot do in-house. In the process of resolving such customer requests, "manufacturing in collaboration" has become an everyday practice.
What we value as a manufacturing company is to understand and respond to the characteristics and circumstances of each industry in detail. We are committed to being a company that contributes to society at large by providing quality products that are inspected, packaged, shipped, and delivered to the customer's doorstep.

KYOEI Co., Ltd.
Masahiko Abe