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Machi-factories of various processing industries gather in Ota-ku, Tokyo. Each of these factories provides the parts that make up industrial products and the equipment that manufactures those parts to the world every day, supporting Japanese industry as a behind-the-scenes force. The "diversity of technology" that exists in the region is a great strength. We search for the world's needs, plan products that provide the best means, design, process, and deliver them to the world.

We are able to plan and design products because of our knowledge of technology. We would like to keep producing products that will change the world through the power of cooperation among local factories.

Ota Gateway Co., Ltd.


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February 2013


・Development, manufacturing and sales of industrial products ・Development, manufacturing and sales of agricultural and fishery machinery ・Management consulting ・Support for the execution of financial, accounting, intellectual property, and other operations in the manufacturing industry

Case study

We develop machinery and equipment aimed at improving the efficiency of the agriculture and fishery industries, mainly by integrating primary industry and industry (secondary industry). We provide a one-stop service from product planning to design, manufacturing, and sales, aiming to solve problems in the agriculture and fishery industries.

Development case:http://otagateway.co.jp/product/
In addition, there are many other development cases related to machinery and equipment for agriculture and fisheries.


Manufacturing starts long before the actual processing. The product can be as good as you want it to be if you spend money, but it will be expensive.
Also, the more features you include, the harder it will be to handle. Conversely, no matter how inexpensive a product may be, we do not want a product that does not fulfill the necessary functions.
It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of a product is determined before it is made. We would be happy to work with you to solve the issues you face.

Ota Gateway Co., Ltd.
Kazuto Asano