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Seki Ironworks Ltd.

Feelings for i-OTA

In Ota Ward, there has been a culture of "Nakama-rotation" since my grandfather's generation. During the high-growth era, the process was not limited to in-house machining, but involved a long series of processes such as material, rough machining, welding, lathe, milling, hardening, polishing, plating, etc., until parts were completed after passing through various companies. Today, information is easier to obtain because of the Internet, but at that time, it was possible to obtain information on which companies were capable of what kind of processing, which spread through people and expanded the scope of processing, and each company was able to receive more orders. This culture of "Nakama-rotation" has helped to create a unique industrial town with horizontal connections in Ota Ward, and this culture is still firmly rooted in the area.

We each know each other's companies, and each of us broadens the scope of our work and increases the amount of work we do. Daejeon is like an industrial shopping mall. Naturally, many people come to Ota for work just as they come there to shop, and there is a wide variety of requests. The I-OTA concept group was formed to create a new Nakama-rotation" system utilizing the Internet. I hope that I-OTA will be able to further expand its activities and contribute to the development of Japanese industry, not only in Ota Ward, but also nationwide, if we can increase the number of members and engage in friendly competition by completing a large number of tasks.

Seki Ironworks Ltd.


4-17-21 Omori-nishi, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0015








Machining of large parts using horizontal boring machine
Assembly and on-site repair of machinery and equipment
Design of test equipment
Hand machining, scraping, and sliding.
Arrangement of all kinds of parts related to machines "

Case study

・Industrial machine frame parts machining
・Machining of press machine frame casting parts
・Machinery parts in general
・Inspection equipment manufacturing
・Design and manufacture of sorting equipment
・Repair of machinery and equipment, on-site repair, improvement proposals
・Adjustment and coordination


We specialize in the manufacture of large machine parts using horizontal boring machines and processing of can manufacturing products. The analog technology of working by hand is difficult to pass on, but it is a technology that must be preserved. We also use this technology to assemble mechanical devices such as inspection equipment from scratch, and we offer suggestions for improvement while also performing on-site repairs and parts replacement. We can also arrange and prepare all parts related to machinery and equipment, including the now rare parts for kisage (sliding) and mating.

Seki Ironworks Ltd.
Representative Director
Eiichi Seki