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We are not a manufacturing company, but a management and business consulting firm, and we have participated as a consultant in the "Productivity Improvement Project of Ota-ku Manufacturing Industry through Digitalization" started in 2016, and we continue to provide back-office support at I-OTA today. We are continuing to provide back-office support at I-OTA.

Through this project, I was able to experience firsthand I-OTA members' passion for manufacturing and their desire to enliven the manufacturing industry in Ota City, and I always hope to help enliven the manufacturing industry in Ota City as a member of I-OTA.
I-OTA is planning and shaping an order and supply platform. The background of I-OTA's activities is to improve the profitability of manufacturing companies in Ota Ward by building a new business model and realizing high value-added manufacturing.

I have heard that I-OTA and Ota Ward will cooperate to establish and operate the I-OTA Ota Ward Group in the future. Through these activities, we hope to spread new manufacturing business models within the manufacturing industry of Ota Ward and help it step up to become a more vibrant industrial cluster.

We hope that you will join us in this group and help us realize better manufacturing.

Tsujimura management consulting


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(1) Business Diagnosis and Improvement: Improve management and business by understanding and visualizing the company's situation from numerical and business model perspectives and resolving issues. (2) New business start-up support: We assist in clarifying the value to be provided to customers when launching a new product or service, and in examining profitable mechanisms. (3) Business accompaniment support: Provide accompaniment support for business improvement and the launch of new businesses.

Case study

① Support for implementation of business concept planning for a project to improve productivity in the manufacturing industry in Ota Ward through digitalization
② Assistance in obtaining various subsidies (business restructuring subsidies, manufacturing subsidies, small business subsidies, etc.)
③ Support for revitalization of commercial districts
④ Cash flow improvement support, etc.


Tsujimura Management Consulting's greatest solution is "not to let managers suffer alone.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often faced with a lack of people, time, technology, and know-how, which prevents them from moving their businesses forward as much as they would like, even if they wanted to. However, it is possible to rebuild management and launch new businesses through efficient promotion by setting precise goals, advancing methods, and collaborating resources. I believe that business owners are always struggling and suffering alone. However, let's not suffer alone, but rather, let's challenge new things while worrying together.

Tsujimura management consulting
Yuhiro Tsujimura