Matching & Communication Platform "Platto-Monodukuri"

Looking for manufacturing solutions? "Platto-Monodukuri" makes you easier to find a perfect partner!
Using the 'Platto-Monodukuri' platform, customers can receive a one-stop solution for a wide range of manufacturing consultation.
Matching & Communication Platform "Platto-Monodukuri"


I-OTA will provide a one-stop solution for a wide range of manufacturing consultation services for customers, offering high value-added solutions by fully utilizing ‘Puratto Monozukuri’ platform.


Matches clients & manufacturers, manufacturers & manufacturers.


We help you from the upstream stage of manufacturing, including consultation on prototyping and development at the idea level. We are capable of providing consultation even if you do not have drawings.


“Platto-Monodukuri” platform provides opportunities to receive orders and helps you enrich your customer acquisition channel. In addition, users can digitalize the communication between their business partners.


Recieved “Awards of Excellence” at Japan DX Awards 2023

At the Japan DX Grand Prix Final, I-OTA was awarded the Excellence Award in the BX category for its project to improve earning power through digitalization of “Nakama-Mawashi” at Ota-ku Town Factories, which took place on June 23.
The I-OTA Project focused on small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Ota Ward, Tokyo.
‘Nakama-Mawashi’ is a project collaboration with business partners, and we have enhanced communication efficiency through the use of chats or data uploading and collection.
This has enabled us to take on the challenge of creating high-value-added products.

Recieved “National Cloud Practice Awards 2023”

I-OTA was recognized as a model case study during the National Cloud Practice Awards 2023, a nationwide competition for companies that utilize the cloud to generate new value and enhance operational efficiency.


Registered Business

Platt Monozukuri “I-OTA, Ota Ward Group

Site URL

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Operating company

TECHNOA develops and provides IT solutions for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies for decades, including the production management systems “TECHS” series. We, I-OTA and TECHNOA work together to be a reassuring IT solution partner who can help manufacturing companies throughout Japan with the essential problems they face.

The road to the development

Realization of "Modern Digital Camaraderie" through On-site Capabilities and DX Promotion

Tokyo's Ota Ward is one of Japan's leading "manufacturing towns" with a high concentration of small factories. Each factory in Ota Ward possesses advanced technology, and through "Nakama-Mawashi", a system in which processing is passed from one factory to another, they have been able to meet the demand for difficult processing and development. However, in recent years, many local factories have been struggling in a difficult environment due to price competition with large factories in other regions and overseas. In order to break out of this situation, the entire manufacturing industry in Ota Ward has joined forces to become a manufacturing partner from the prototype development stage, rather than simply a subcontractor for parts processing! This was the beginning of the "Platto Monozukuri" project. Until now, the "hub companies" consulted by customers would individually call, e-mail, fax, or directly visit the factory to coordinate work with fellow companies specializing in their respective processing. This process was very time-consuming and labor intensive, and was one of the major reasons that prevented them from taking on the challenge of prototype development projects. Digitalization of this process through the use of "Plat Monozukuri" has realized a significant improvement in work efficiency, and a "Modern Digital Nakamawari" system has been established, which allows us to confidently say "leave any kind of manufacturing consultation to us.


How can I participate in "Platto Monozukuri"?

Please register from the manufacturing page.

How can I join the "I -OTA / Ota Ward Group" of the manufacturing?
Before joining, we ask you to confirm the type of industry and conclude NDA. Please apply here first. I will contact you for details.

Is there a fee for "Platto Monozukuri"?

Registration for manufacturing consultants is completely free. Registration to the I-OTA Ota Ward Group is free for manufacturing businesses. There are free and paid plans for registration for general manufacturing businesses. Please refer to the “Platto Monozukuri” page for details.