First mower to handle steep slope in industry

First mower to handle steep slope in industry - Slant Mower
The industry's first wire towing system Safe and efficient weeding even on steep slopes.
Slant Mower


Full length : 645mm
Width : 686mm
Weight : Approx. 25 kg
Width : 255mm
Malping portion displacement : 26㎥
Continuous operation time : Approx. 60 min.


The industry’s first wire towing system

It is operated by running a wire rope from two stakes installed at the top of the slope.
It can be used on steep slopes exceeding 50 degrees, and it offers precise position control while reducing the risk of slipping and falling.

Easy-to-use, lightweight design

Uses an electric motor for driving and an engine for weeding.
The body’s weight is reduced by approximately 25 kg since there is no need for a self-propulsion engine.

Hand push mowing function

Working by hand is possible because of attaching a special unit.
It is easy to mow on ground and move to the slopes.

Continuously updated

We are always striving to improve our products to make them more functional and workable.

畦畔やのり面などの除草作業を自動化する斜刈機 急斜面を除草・草刈りする斜刈機



Weight of the vehicle

About 25kg

Mowing ability

About 5A per hour

* A (R) is 10m x 10m
*In the case of manual labor, the work efficiency of experienced workers is said to be about 3a per hour. Manual labor is hard work and cannot be done continuously.


Corresponding slope

25 degrees or higher

*If the rope can be securely tensioned, work can be performed even on slopes steeper than 45 degrees.

Mowing engine

26cc/2 stroke engine

Moving motor


Battery capacity

25.2V/8Ah x 2 pieces

Cut -in -blade

Chip saw/φ255mm

*Mowing blades can be replaced with commercially available products (2-blade, nylon cord type, etc.).

Price to be commercialized

About 1.5 million yen (excluding tax)

*Prices are tentative and are subject to change due to future price hikes of materials.

How we made first mowers in industry

We blended the innovative ideas created by agricultural experts with the outstanding technology of town factories.

The West Japan Agricultural Research Center (Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture) was looking for a company to collaborate on developing a mowing robot for sloped terrain suitable for Japan, which has many mountainous areas. The Center's researcher, Rei Kikuchi, created a revolutionary idea to tow a robot using a wire rope that runs from two pillars at the top of the slope, preventing it from sliding down and eliminating the need for an engine for self-propulsion. He also aimed to make it lightweight and easy to use with a smartphone. I-OTA participated in this industry-first development as a partner because we already had experience in research and development for automobile manufacturers. Also, I-OTA team's diverse membership has enabled us to create a precise position control method that utilizes wire traction, a caster structure, portable stakes, and careful analysis of weight and safety performance to handle steep slopes. In addition, we added functions that make it easy to operate on level ground, created a flow line to prevent mowed areas from being uncut, and added a radio control feature to enable operation from a greater distance. Finally, the industry's first wire-towed mower has been developed.


Do you have a track record of introduction?

The development period was about three years, during which time sufficient tests were conducted repeatedly in a park in Tokyo (average slope: about 27 degrees), on a slope on the grounds of the National Agricultural Research Institute in Hiroshima (maximum slope: about 45 degrees), and on nearby agricultural land.

What is waterproofing?

Although the electrical components are equipped with simple waterproofing measures, we do not recommend working in the rain, as it can be dangerous when moving the product. Water may enter the product due to unforeseen vibrations or shocks, so please refrain from using the product. After rain, there is no danger of slipping on wet slopes, so work can be performed. However, please be careful of your own footing.
Please do not wash the entire surface, as it is not intended to be washed.

Do you have a body?

The cowl will be designed and installed (for crowdfunding purposes) in the future.

About safety

Mowing on the slope is done by remote control and is safe because there is no need for a person to approach the equipment. A stepping stone guard is installed toward the upper side of the slope where the operator stands, so there is no need to worry about flying debris. In case of emergency, the mower can be stopped by remote (radio-controlled) operation. It will also stop automatically if radio waves are out of range. The rope is double-wired, so there is no risk of slipping or falling even if one of the ropes breaks.

Is it possible to replace the parts?

Mowing blades and ropes are consumable items. You can use common commercial mowing blades as they are, and you can purchase them at your local home improvement center.
*It is also possible to replace the blade with a 2-blade blade or nylon cord. One spare rope will be included with the product, but additional ropes can be purchased.

What to do in case of breakdown?

When commercialized, the product will carry a one-year product warranty. The mower is designed to be repairable and will last for a long time.

What is the response in the event of a problem?

In the unlikely event that the mower stops on a slope, it can be retrieved by human power. Because of the rope towing system, the rope can be retrieved by pulling it up from the top of the slope.
The rope is double-wired, so even if one of the ropes breaks, the rope will remain, so there is no need to worry about the machine tipping over or sliding down.

Can't we mow flat areas?

The detachable control arm can be used to operate the mowing engine, enabling mowing on level ground. The machine is equipped with a safety cover to protect it from flying rocks and has a structure that prevents kickback due to the weight of the main body, so it can mow grass more safely than shoulder-mounted mowers. However, it is heavier than the shoulder-mounted type, and mowing is done by hand.

Is it possible to work alone?

Although it is not impossible, we recommend the use of a two-man team just in case. Considering the need to move the mower between mowing areas, set up ropes, and take care of any leftovers (e.g., mowing with a shoulder-mounted mower if there are some leftovers), we believe that a two-person team is more efficient.

How do you put the rope?

A portable fixture is included, so it can be easily secured with stakes or other means. If installation is difficult, stakes can be driven directly into the ground or fixed to guardrail posts or tree trunks at the site. The mower is designed to mow an area of about 10 m in width, so it can be moved to a new location after mowing is completed.

How do I get to the mowing area?

With a detachable operating arm and flexible casters for the undercarriage, it can be moved by hand for short distances, just like pushing a dolly. In addition, its compact and lightweight design allows it to be carried in the trunk of a standard SUV or other passenger vehicle. Weighing less than 30 kg (about the weight of an elementary school child), it can be lifted by human power.

How long can you run it?

A full engine fuel tank (approximately 500 cc) will last approximately one hour. This is equivalent to a regular shoulder-mounted mower. *Fuel is a gasoline mixture (50:1).
As for the battery, it is efficient to replace it at the same time as refilling the fuel, depending on the degree of wear and tear.

Can you mow overgrown grass or hard grass?

Since the running speed can be changed, it is possible to mow down to the level of twigs by running at a slower speed in thickly wooded areas. However, the engine displacement is 26 cc, so it cannot mow bamboo or bamboo grass.
*We plan to release a larger displacement model in the future.

How is the engine started?

Pull-start system (manual start) is the same as that of general shoulder-mounted mowers. The centrifugal clutch system does not move the mowing blade even when the engine is started.

What is the power source?

The mowing operation requires horsepower and is gasoline engine driven.
*Fuel is a gasoline mixture (50:1). Movement on slopes is done by a battery-powered electric motor.
*Movement on level ground to the mowing area can be done by human power (hand push).

What is the mowing capacity?

Although it depends on familiarity with the operation and the conditions of the mowing area, it is estimated to be about 5 a. (1 a. is 10 m x 10 m.) In ordinary manual mowing of slopes, the work efficiency of an experienced operator is said to be about 3 a., and that of an inexperienced operator is about 1 a. In addition, because of the heavy labor involved in manual labor, continuous mowing is usually not possible.

How much slope can it handle?

The rope towing system allows mowing on any steep slope, as long as the slope is at least 25 degrees and the rope can be stretched without getting caught on the slope.