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Extraction equipment for kenaf fiber



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Asset innovate

Ordering companies

Fullheart Japan Corporation Ace Co., Ltd.
Toshin Seisakusyo Co., Ltd

Kenaf fiber is a next-generation material whose market value is rising due to its use in a wide range of industries, including vehicle parts and clothing.

I-OTA is working with a Malaysian venture company to "develop mass production equipment for enzyme solution to extract kenaf fiber. The development of equipment started smoothly with the participation of equipment manufacturers in Ota Ward from the hearing stage. In addition to equipment development, we support business development with a view to utilizing by-products of the kenaf fiber production process.

This initiative was selected for the "Monozukuri Collaboration Project with Overseas Venture Companies" sponsored by Ota Ward and RIVANES Co.

◆Shaping the Ideas of Overseas Ventures
An example of equipment development for mass production of enzyme solutions discovered by an overseas venture company from FullHeart Japan x Harvest Japan