Achievement Details

Home-use Sauna Stove




Ordering company

Vanwaves Inc.

Ordering companies

Yasuhisa Koki Co.

Vanwaves Inc., a venture company engaged in the sale of home saunas, requests to collaborate on the development of an electric stove, the heart of a sauna. Sauna stoves are mainly imported from Europe due to the structure of the industry, which not only imposes an environmental burden but also affects logistics costs, hindering the spread of saunas for home use. The company started by consulting with customers who wanted to produce products domestically, and then became a one-stop shop for manufacturing heaters and substrates, sheet-metal processing, and other services to support the production systems of venture companies struggling with hardware problems

. The conception, design, and adjustment of the heater section from the chassis section are handled quickly, and this effort was published in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun electronic edition

. Vanwaves and a local factory will exhibit a Japanese-made electric sauna heater for the first time at the Sauna Fair! Press Release by Vanwaves Inc.